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I got my first Afghan Hound Ebony, in 1981 as a birthday gift from my husband, Rodney about a year after we were married. If he could have seen into the future, and to what degree the dogs would take over our lives, I think he would have just bought me a diamond bracelet instead!!

I consider myself extremely lucky to have been able to acquire some great dogs from great breeders, which gave me a leg up in my own breeding program. To date, I have bred and/or shown 53 American Champions, and feel the best is yet to come.

The following pages will trace the steps I have taken with my dogs over the years......its been a wonderful journey so far!!

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Cartier's Somerset Bonanza, Ch Jeheran's Jihad Masada, Ch Goldmines Black Eagle, Ch Sha-Cone's Solo Sugar Krisp

Ch Von Hess Haus Amelia Bearheart

Ch Bijan's Pale Rider of Qamari, Ch Qamari's Legend of Kuhl Breeze

Ch Raisin-L Brykaar U Got Th Look

Ch Bijan's Captured Angel, Ch Qamari's Denim Days of Danikki
Ch Insight's Wedding Crasher


SBIS Ch Qamari's Millennium Falcon


Ch Insight's Gimme A "V"
Ch Bijan's Millennium Angel, Ch S'relli's Hells Angel, Ch Bijan Angel Tears, Ch Bijan's Angel In Disguise
Ch Bijan's Tarnished Angel, Ch Bijan's Flying Angel, Ch Bijan Enchante Angel Wings
Ch Qamari's Blazing Saddles, Am Aust Ch Kashara Spoilsport of Qamari, Ch Shylo-Tarot Temptation
Ch Bijan's Kittyhawk of Lyrix, Ch Lyrix-Bijan Somethin' Special, Ch Lyrix-Hi Kalibre Falcon's Echo
Am Can Ch Ahsahr Ticket To The Races, Ch Ahsahr-Bijan Panama of Lyrix, Ch Ahsahr-Bijan Autumn Rain
Ch Bijan-Lyrix Sukerpunch, Ch Bijan-HiKalibre Wild Dunes, Ch Bijan-Lyrix Its A Sin, Bijan-Lyrix Serendipitydooda


Ch Skyedane's Cleopatra Czerny


Ch Bijan Sweet Insurgence, Ch Bijan Bittersweet Surrender, Ch Bijan Reckless Troubador
Ch Nefertari's Heavenly Master, Ch Bijan The Devil Made Me Do It, Bijan Speak Of The Devil


Ch Cavu Camri Black n White Nite


Our smooth Afghan Hound

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