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It is our hope that should any owner find themselves
in the face of a health crisis with their beloved
hounds, that the information compiled will
save them precious time and energy, arming
them with information and research that is available on the
health issues that affect our breed. Aiding them
in making educated decisions and choices in the care
testing and treatment of their hounds.

Contributions to this section in ANY subtitle
are most welcome in the form of quality Links,
Personal Experience Stories, Books,
Current Studies, Research Material, and Internet groups.
Email: slotsof141@aol.com

A heartfelt thank you goes out to the
many that have contributed to this site.



Afghan Hound DNA storage Animal Health Trust UK

(Worldwide samples accepted)
 for future research, swab kits available at AHCW & SAC or by post



The Animal Health Trust UK stores DNA from various breeds for future research purposes and they have agreed to store DNA of the Afghan Hound,  samples are accepted by the AHT from anywhere in the world and are not just limited to UK dogs. We would like to extend our thanks to the AHT for coming up with this amazing offer and we are well on the way with collecting funds for the Afghan Hound Health Fund, an online auction will be coming soon and please feel free to suggest any other fundraising events as it appears that the Kennel Club will donate quite a high percentage of funds if we can show we are serious in helping with the funding of DNA health research and start to raise money, and who knows it may not even too far in the distant future when they can start working and coming up with specific DNA health tests for afghan hounds



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