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By Nancy Krysiak

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I want to share a story about how Aura very possibly saved
my beautiful girl Bindi. Debbie and I have been "list friends" for
several years, and she always shared wonderful stories with us.
I remember well when she got Aura and Ashantai and
over the years she sent pictures of their antics and
their growing up together.

Then one day came the horrible news that Aura was ill. 
I was so upset, it brought back very bad memories. I had
lost a beautiful girl to Auto Immune disease which
the Vet said was Lupus and was attacking her kidneys.


I looked up old Whole Dog Journal articles to try to find some
information that might help, BUT TO NO AVAIL, THE TERRIBLE
Now I was beside myself, I was so sad and  so angry I was
also afraid because Bindi ( not yet two) was due for her second Rabies shot.
I called my Vet, and I explained to him how I felt, and we
discussed things that we could do. Unfortunately the Rabies shot
was mandatory, however we did decide to also give her Lyssin
when she got her shot.  

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The day I took her in for the shot, I was really worried. Before giving
the shot we took blood for Lymes and for heartworm. While we were
waiting for the results my Vet took Bindi's temperature, and IT WAS 103.
There was no outward signs that she had a temp,
and she had eaten and behaved normally all morning.
The tech came back with the results, and Bindi was a very
high positive for Lymes. My vet always had UP UNTIL THEN  given
the shot first and the exam later. He told me he would change that
procedure and will exam first from that moment on.
Bindi had an infection and there was no indication,
needless to said we DID NOT get her the Rabies that day.


She was treated with Doxycyline for 6 weeks. There were no symptoms which
makes this whole thing that much more frightening. Thank God I talked
to my Vet and thank God he listened to me.
I believe that we caught it very early, there had been a warm
spell and I believe that is when she got bit. These Ticks
come out at the first sign of a thaw.  

If I had not been so upset about Aura I would not
have spoken to my vet and he would have just given
her the shot and then did the exam, and I truly believe
that there is a very good chance that Bindi would be very sick today,
if even with me. Thank you Debbie for sharing your grief. I think you and Aura 
very possibly saved my little girl, and I will always be grateful.

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