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Genesis Wings of Ambelike

Although only breeding on a very limited basis, Ambelike Afghans has established a breeding program that has produced in excess of 25 American and/or International Champions, including the Winner of the 1998 Afghan Hound Club of America Breeders Cup, Winners dog at the 1999 Afghan Hound Club of America National Specialty, Award of Merit Winner at the 2000 Afghan Hound Club of America National Specialty, the Year 2000 # 1 Afghan in America (Group Point System), Sire of the Yr 2001 and Yr 2002 #1 Afghan in America (Group Point System), Sire of the Year for 2004, Award of Merit Winners at the 2001, 2005 & 2006  Eukanuba Classic, and over the years, several Regional Specialty Breed and Sweepstakes winners. In addition, many of the get of our sires have now become champions of significance and in turn are producing champions .

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